What Am I?

Out in the country walked a family of ducks together. A mother, father and baby. As they attempted to cross the road, a car came speeding down he lane hitting and killing the mother and father duck, leaving the baby duck all by itself. Sadly, the baby duck began to wander around.

About a half mile down the same road a family of skunks attempted to cross the road. Once again, a car came speeding down the lane killing the mother and father skunk. The baby skunk didn’t know what to do so he wandered about as the duck did.

Eventually, the baby duck and baby skunk met up with each other. Happy for company the duck began to speak. “I was walking with my family and they were hit and killed just now. I am so young I don’t even know what I am…will you help me?”" The baby skunk looked at the baby duck and said “”Well

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