The boy who couldn’t talk

There once was a boy who had a voice, but never chose to speak.
That is because his parents once told him if he opened his
mouth, spiders would crall in. He hated spiders. Well one day he
took a walk with his mom. But what he didn’t know, is she and
the boys dad set up a joke to make him speak. Well the dad was
secretly hiding behind a tree and then he poured out a bottle of
spiders. And, as planed, they cralled all over the boys mom. She
was screaming to him to get help. When he found his dad, he was
going to tell him, but when he opened his mouth, spiders flew in
and bit his insides and killed him. The parents didn’t know how
that happened. They decided to have another child, but not tell
him about his other brother and the spiders…

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