Ping Pong Balls

A king had a gorgeous daughter of wedding age. Three princes wanted to
marry the princess. So the king said, “Whoever can bring me back the most
ping pong balls gets to marry the my daughter.” So the three princes went
out looking for ping pong balls.

The first prince came back with his horse carrying two sacks filled with
ping pong balls. He figured he made it with no problem.

Then, the second prince came back with ten horse carrying sacks filled
with ping pong balls on each horse. He thought he would make it all the

Finally, the third prince came back. He was all beat up. His clothes were
all ripped up, black and blue eyes, skinned knees, and the rest of him was
completely demolished. The king asked, “What happened? You didn’t find any
ping pong balls?”

The prince said, “What the hell do you mean ping pong balls! I thought you
said king kong’s balls!”

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