Fun things to do with your tv

Adjust the tint so that the people are green and insist to
others that “you like it like that”
Fiddle with all the knobs constintly
Change chanels 5 minutes before the end of each show
Take it everywhere with you
Name it
When anyone else touches the remote shriek “THATS MINE!”
Ask the people on call in shows for dates
Watch the commercials but never watch the shows
At the climax of a show “accidently” muteit until it is over
Stand in front of someone when they are watching the tv
One word” Documentries
Watch only reruns of shows
Tell people what will happen in the show your watching
Turn the tv off when guests are over and tell them you won’t
turn it on until it apologizes
Dress it differently every day
When watching a sports show comment to your friends that “I
could do better”
Make you friends watch you video of how clay is made again, and
again, and again, and again.

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