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Three Chineese Tortures

One day, a man walking in the woods became hopelessly lost in a vast jungle. He walked for hours and hours and finally he came upon a small cottage. This man was very tired, so he knocked on the door and an old Chineese man answered it. The man asked if he could stay the [...]

dinner table manners

one night david had a few geust over his boss and his wife. so when they came over david introdused his son kenny. kenny said hello and went to his spot at the table as they were eating kenny burped and david said have you forgot your manners and they kept eating on. kenny started [...]

What’s the Difference?

I was sitting in a bar one time and I saw a Jewish man walk in and sit down to have a drink. After a few drinks a Chinese man came in and sat next to him. The Jewish man immediately turned and punched the other man in the face. The Chinese man shouted, “You [...]

Chinese Detective

A man suspected his wife of seeing another man. So, he hired a famous chinese detective, Mr. Sui Tansow Pok, to watch and report any activities that might develop. A few days later, he received this report: Most honorable sir: You leave house. He come house. I watch. He and she leave house. I follow. [...]

Chinese playin’

A man suspects his wife of cheating on him. So, to find out he hires a Chinese detective to spy on her. It turns out he’s right. The Chinese detective follows his wife and a man to a restaurant. Then they drove to a hotel. He follows them there and climbs up a tree so [...]

Chinese Girlfriend

A man lets call him bob was going out with a chinese girl named Ping. Ping couldnt speak a word of english and anyway one night Bob was fucking Ping shouted out “HARGER” bob thought this meant harder so he started fucking her harder. Again she shouted out “HARGER” bob was surprized and started fucking [...]

Vodo Dick

There once was a guy that wanted to suprise his wife then tha guy went to a mall when he got there he saw a guy with a chest when he opened it he said vodo dick the elevator shaft then the dick jumped up and fucked the elelvatorshaft then the guy stole it then [...]

English man, Scottish man and a Paky man

There was an English man a Scottish man and a Paky man. They were all in a plane that was about too crash into Mount Everist.The pilot told them to throw out anything they didnt need. So the Scottish man threw out his Kilts and said “I dont need them iv got plenty in my [...]

Learn Chinese In 5 Minutes

Learn Chinese in 5 Minutes ENGLISH PHRASE CHINESE TRANSLATION Are you harboring a fugitive? Hu Yu Hai Ding? See me A.S.A.P. Kum Hia Nao Stupid Man Dum Gai Small Horse Tai Ni Po Ni Your price is too high!! No Bai Dam Thing!! Did you go to the beach? Wai Yu So Tan? I bumped [...]