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Fishing Trip

صورة اللعبة :Fishing Trip الأقسام :
العاب فرديه , العاب تجميع , العاب اسماك , العاب صيد , العاب فلاش , العاب مهارات ماوس , العاب شراء معدات التحديث ,

وصف اللعبه :
Play either of two game modes: Both Campaign Mode and Action Mode will have you battling the clock. In Campaign Mode, you also need to catch sequences of identical fish to advance to the next level. Think you're up for the challenge? If you succeed, you'll earn game cash that'll allow you to purchase gear that'll help you conquer the increasingly-difficult levels. In Action mode, you've got all available 'ammunition' right from the start, but you're going to need to collect a lot more fish to beat the levels!
طريقه اللعب :
Mouse- To move/drop bait.
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كل يوم العاب جديدة مع بوابة الألعاب العاب بنات والعاب فلاش رائعة ومفيدة لجميع الأعمار